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The Poppy Grower's Starter Kit
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Interested in growing poppies but don't have any seeds? Support poppies.org and get growing with your Poppy Grower's Seed Starter-Kit!

Each starter-kit contains three grams -- over 1500 seeds! -- of Papaver Somniferum v. Nigrum (Opium Poppy) seeds and a four-page mini growing guide. Perfect for the beginner and easy to grow indoors or out, our white and purple Opium Poppies produce whimsical peony-like flowers that mature to medium-sized pods of decent yield.

The pods are excellent for creating dried flower arrangements, and the seeds taken from the pod can be used in both baking and middle-eastern cooking.

Beautify your garden, and discover the fun of growing poppies, right in your own backyard!

The proceeds from every starter-kit sold will be directly supporting this site. So just click on the list to the left, and get your Opium Poppy Seed Starter-Kit and get growing today!

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