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Subject: "papaver somniferum oase is it opium poppy?" Archived thread - Read only
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"papaver somniferum oase is it opium poppy?"
   if a poppy is a papaver somniferum does it automatically make it an opium poppy?
because on they have papaver somniferum oase and i wanted to know if this is a real opium poppy so that i know if i should purchase it or not

everything i wrote is fictional

all of the above is completely fictional

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1. "RE: papaver somniferum oase is it opium poppy?"
   LAST EDITED ON 09-02-01 AT 09:26 PM (EST)
Yes, Oase is an opium poppy. It's quite beautiful in the catalog.

But it's not exactly a killer strain.

You can buy opium poppy seed right here from this site, and not have to wonder!


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